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My practice includes photography and prose pieces, video editing, composition and performance.

Most of my academic background is based on Political Science and International Relations, both for my Bachelor and Master degrees. In my professional career I have naturally gravitated towards communications, due to my multicultural background as well as my inclination to understand, analyse, interpret and mediate concepts and feelings. Art photography has evolved as a practice of self-preservation since 2008 from auto-documentation to the form is has today. Materials and topologies utilised in my still pictures do not receive any editing, and most are shot on 35mm and 120mm film. Commercial work for third parties utilises mostly Adobe Creative Cloud for video, image, sound and design editing. In terms of composition, I hold a diploma for Classic Piano Performance and Composition, but I mostly gravitate and perform within jazz trios and quartets. Currently I perform mostly within folk and punk projects.

Some of the themes I work on include: social media epistemologies, the online/offline nexus, spatiality and materiality within notions of debt, commodity and self-worth, intersectionality and the political self (including documentation of forced conformity). Recent publications include my master thesis, a discourse analytical study of the alt-right movement’s online activism and radicalising communicational strategies. I have participated in group and solo exhibitions in Greece, Sweden and Belgium. Currently I live and work in Sweden, where I chose to stay following my Master’s degree at Lund University. My current photographic project is still in its early research stages, exploring and documenting “female rage”, gendered ontological security and the commodification of identity through social media trends and aesthetics.




Master of Science in Global Studies

Lund University


Bachelor of Science in Political Science and Social Administration


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